level 8 tracker


    SOLD  (ME, US) Level 8 Tracker 16x8 6 Lug Wheels (x5) FJ60, FJ40?

    I have a set of 5 wheels for sale. They are in great shape, lived in Arizona their entire life, NO SALT ever. They are great, just aren't the look I'm going for (going to stock steel style wheels). They sell for about $125+ each. Asking $450 on CL (see link below), starting at $400 OBO for...
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    Help with 16" & 17" Wheel Selection

    I am looking to place an order for new wheels and tires for the FJ62. Stock suspension now, but will have OME Heavy suspension in the near future. At that time, these wheels and tires will be installed. I am having difficulty navigating the facts from experiences on the infamous wheels that...
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