leaking axle seal

  1. landcruisertx

    Would someone be able to verify that this is a inner axle seal that has given out?!

    My driverside birfield seems to be leaking a mix of grease and diff oil. It would be awesome if someone could verify my theory? What is the best rebuild kit to buy?
  2. jchoop

    Did something stupid

    Feel free to skip this backstory to get to the nitty gritty. So went for what I was hoping was a routine weekend camping getaway and came back with a leaking front axle/diff. Headed for Great Sand Dunes National Park in CO and all the recent posts regarding the 4x4 trail said the creek crossing...

    Wits' End- 80 Series Inner Seal Overdrive Tool

    Developed by @Tools R Us and @inkpot Available to order: 80 Series Inner Axle Seal Offset Driver There is one thing that comes as a right of passage in owning an 80 Series and that is the rebuilding of our front knuckles. Generally speaking its not terribly technical, just messy and takes...
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