lc200 lift

  1. Ali M

    Nooby question about WA Trails?

    Are there any trails you can recommend with my '16 LC stock tires and ground clearance of 9.1 inch? I am also eyeing the following trails, so your brief insight on these would be appreciated in terms of what parts of the trail you tried and your rig's current tires/lift: Walker Valley Reiter...

    New member and owner of a 2016 lc 200

    Hello to all and starting on my mods. Ordered digi fits two days ago and reserved 5 275/70/r18 BFG KO2s. Dropping off for window tint and vinyl wrap work next Thursday. Also having stock wheels powdercoated satin black because I really like them (stock wheels). Not sure if I want to lift it yet...
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