lc200 build

  1. C

    For Sale  Castle Rock, CO: 2008, Toyota, LC200

    Black 200 Series, full build for sale. Asking $39,500. 168k miles. Slee Build done over winter of 15-16. All maintenance records available. 55k miles or less on build. Build sheet included for information on accessories and additions. I'm happy to answer more and include more pics. Please PM...
  2. Swsteury

    Builds  2017 Land Cruiser LC200 build

    Just starting to put a few things together. Starting out slow to only modify what I need. The vehicle is a 2017 LC200 I bought new from a dealership in Indiana. Got it for about 10k below retail. Everything stock currently. First thing I purchased was a Treeline Rooftop Tent with discount...
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