1. P

    SOLD  5 Pro Comp Wheels (16") w/ Spare (Northern, VA)

    5 pro comp wheels (16 inch / 5x150 bolt pattern / 100 series LC) including the lug nuts and center caps (shown). The spare is currently under my truck and not in great shape but its a spare. NOTTE: Tires are NOT for sale. I have them on my 100 series LC now and they are in pretty good shape...
  2. T

    For Sale  2001 fully built Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

    2001 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series - gray w/ tan leather interior. 207K miles. If it's posted, it's still for sale. $16,000 Build: Slee Offroad 1.5 Heavy Load Suspension Kit 2 x OME2866 Rear Coil Springs 2 x Old Man Emu 60000 2 x Old Man Emu 60002 2 x Old Man Emu Torsion Bars 1 x Slee Diff...
  3. C

    For Sale  2001 Land Cruiser 121k miles not loved - worth a gamble on purchase?

    This 2001 LC has low miles at 121k, but PO before current owner really banged it up. Asking price is $8500 and I don't think they'll budge on price. Wondering if it's worth taking to mechanic and purchasing if it checks out? Test drove last week..brakes shudder when probably need...
  4. J

    Wanted  06/07 LC in Denver, CO Area

    Looking for a 06/07 LC in the Denver CO and surrounding area. Willing to travel a couple hours. Can be stock or built. Thanks!
  5. T

    Sway Bar Quesiton

    I recently got rid of the KDSS sway bar system on my 200 series land cruiser, while it did improve small bump compliance over washboard roads and uneven terrain, I noticed that the tires would drop much faster when going over a pothole, ditch or even when the tires are free like driving out of a...
  6. T

    My land cruisers RIG update.

    Excuse my arab accent. Yes the first one is a 100 series sorry but didnt know where to upload :D What do you guys suggest I play with next? ^^
  7. T

    LC200 King shock testing!

    Here is a short clip of me testing the new shocks I installed. King shocks custom valved, from filthymotorsports Stock OEM rear spring. Sway bar KDSS delete front and rear
  8. B

    For Sale  80 Series Land Cruiser Stock Springs

    Just pulled off the factory springs on my 94 Land Cruiser with 81k miles. For those ballin on a budget, these will yield 3-4" of lift. Front Springs (8 coils) fit rear of a 3rd gen Rear Springs (7 coils) fit rear of a 2nd gen $100/pair, pick up in San Ramon
  9. E

    Wanted  LC 8 wrap

    I am located in CA, looking for LC 8 wrap coils if anyone has them for sale? THANK YOU! 19.5" Purple Green White 8 wraps 19.25" Double Purple Dark Blue White 8 wraps
  10. dsw1020

    Wanted  Meticulously well maintained 100 series

    Hi mudders, I am in the process of hunting down a cruiser for my father as he has finally decided to come an join the 100 series family. There is only 1 requirement for the vehicle: Records. My father has a tendency to be meticulous in regards to how he maintains and tracks his vehicles...
  11. JackAttack13

    For Sale  100 Series Rear Coil Spacers

    Selling a set of 30mm rear coil spacers. Used for about 2 months before upgrading to HD coils. Asking 40.00. Will ship at your cost. Located in Denver.
  12. JackAttack13

    SOLD  Expo Built 1999 100 Series Triple Locked

    Sadly I am selling my adventure ready 100 Series Land Cruiser. This rig is ready for any adventure you can throw at it. The build list is extensive, and the rig taken care of. Here are a few of the major modifications. Triple Locked - factory rear and Center, ARB front. ARB Diff Breather Kit...
  13. VAPny54

    New Owner of a 2013 200 Series

    Hi Everyone - I'm new to IH8MUD but, have been snooping on this forum for a few years now and you guys have been super informative. I recently purchased my dream car a few weeks ago and I love it - Metallic Grey 2013 200 Series (only 41,000 miles and CPO). There were only about 4 of these...
  14. LifeFlight86

    For Sale  In Houston looking for LC or LX 470 98-2002 ... Willing to drive

    Exactly what the thread title says! I am looking to pay around 10k max. Show me some offers please!
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