land cruiser hj61

  1. LyndenCruiser79

    Choke Knob on a 1987 HJ61??

    So... I have a funny question... why is there, what appears to be, a choke on my 1987 HJ61? I searched the mud forum for about the last 30 min and havent figured out what the heck that thing is... I have never seen something like that on a diesel before! ... could be ignorance, could be a...
  2. D

    Wanted  HJ61 VX High Roof 5 Speed with Lockers

    Hello, Recently retired dude trying to recapture some of my youth wanting to purchase clean original condition HJ61 VX High Roof 5 speed with original paint/decals, factory PTO/ bumpers and cable lockers. Prefer truck with less than 160k miles/260k km. Truck should have clean body panels and...
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