1. B

    KZJ78 Tie Rods and Steering Damper

    I have a 1993 Prado KZJ78 and I’m looking for all four tie rods and steering damper. Any help on part numbers and a resource to buy them stateside would be much appreciated.
  2. M

    Kzj78 rear AC/HEAT?

    Does anyone have any info on this? Just saw a photo of what looks like a heater/ac system for the rear of a 70 series/ kzj78. If anyone has one or has info, where does the air blow out? Would I be able to source one and install on my truck? Is there a blower motor inside the center console...
  3. M

    1kzte cold air intake?

    Anyone have experience running a cold air intake on a kzj78/1kzte? Are there any kits specific for this engine or can I just get a universal one, And what do you do with the sensor in the intake? Also any performance improvements (power, fuel economy)? Also maybe post some photos of your guys’...
  4. M

    1kz violent shutoff

    Just took my kzj78 into the mechanic for the valve cover gasket and also the crossover pipe/ turbo inlet gasket I believe it’s called, I provided both the gaskets and got them from cruiser outfitters so I’m certain they’re the right ones, but from the minute I got the truck back it now has a...
  5. M

    Kzj78 glow plugs activation

    Okay, super random question here. I’ll be attending a drive in movie in my diesel landcruiser, the engine needs to be off but I need to have the radio on. My question is, when I turn the key on halfway (enough for the radio to get power) the glow plugs activate, do glowplugs have an automatic...
  6. M

    Wanted  Kzj78 power steering pump

    Would anyone be able to help source a power steering pump to the U.S? It’s for a 94 kzj78. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. M

    kzj78 ac squeal

    so for the past couple months my ac has a squeal every once in a while. noticed the tensioner was loose, didn't fix it in time and the whole pulley flew off, lesson learned. replaced with brand new tensioner pulley and also ac compressor belt, but the squeal still happens. its definitely coming...
  8. M

    Kzj78 CarPlay repair

    So after my brother killed my land cruiser by leaving the headlights on overnight, jumped it and got it started again, everything’s fine except my radio (Sony CarPlay) won’t start up again. Screen won’t turn on, no power from the usb charger on it. But everything else in the truck works...
  9. M

    1kz leak

    Anyone know what this leak is coming from on my land cruiser? Coming from the front left side, looks like it’s from whatever that is right in front of my left motor mount. Also any idea why I have this tube that’s attached to the frame but isn’t going to anything on either side? Thanks- 1994...
  10. M

    Transfer case gasket job. Need 2nd opinions

    Noticed my 94 kzj78 had a pretty bad leak in the transfer case. Took it to my mechanic and he said it looks like the gasket is bad between transmission and transfer case and it’s dumping transmission fluid into the T case and it’s basically overflowing it and dumping out and that’s why it’s...
  11. M

    Leaking transfer case

    Looks like my transfer case is dumping a pretty good amount of liquid. Looks like its coming from somewhere up top but not sure. Everything drives fine though
  12. M

    Oil buildup onto of valve cover

    So I noticed at the back of my valve cover gasket there’s a nice amount of buildup of some black sludge. I’ll post a photo. There was so much that I couldn’t even see there was a notice badge on there. I’m also not entirely sure what this little nozzle does or why it’s so loose, maybe that’s the...
  13. M

    Glow plugs fuse?

    While checking my fuse box I noticed there’s a missing fuse on the spot titled “glow” I’m assuming it’s glow plugs? Could someone confirm this, just want to make sure I’m not missing something crucial to the engines health. The other missing one is titled “diff” but I’m not sure if that’s just a...
  14. M

    Kzj78 Prado Speedo problem

    So today I noticed the overdrive off light was flickering, then I saw my speedometer not showing my speed and also not counting miles anymore. saw a forum maybe said speedo cables bad, where exactly is that cable located and how do I tell if that’s the problem?
  15. M

    KZJ78 brake pads?

    just about time to replace my brake pads on my 94 kzj78 , and I’m looking to see what my best options are? Are any US model pads compatible with mine?
  16. M

    kzj78 AC problem

    so I've got a 93 kzj78, for the past couple of days, whenever i turn on the ac there's a clicking sound in the left side of the dashboard, its sounds like some kind of fan is lightly hitting something, today i got in and turned on my ac and nothing happened, no ac or heat, and the fan wouldn't...
  17. C

    SOLD  Portland, OR: 1994 Toyota LandCruiser KZJ78

    It is time for me to let go of this beautiful Land Cruiser Prado. I recently had this car imported from Japan, but due to some changes in my life, it doesn't make sense for me to own this vehicle anymore. Since purchasing, I've really only put commuter miles on it to and from work and a few...
  18. PDXadvokat

    Prado/KZJ78 undercarriage advice (w/pics)

    Hi all, Discussing a potential purchase of a 1994 Prado and wanted this forum's collective feedback on some pics I just got. Understanding the age of the vehicle and unknown provenance, I understand some rusting, I just don't know what is too much or what is acceptable. The below seems ok for...
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