1. mac miller

    HELP! Toyota KZ-TE

    I just acquired a KZ-TE 3 liter turbo diesel with a Aisin 30-40LE RWD auto trans for a special concept vehicle project... I am totally clueless about the electronic injection pump. Don't know rather to try to work with the electronic injection pump or, I am told, it is possible to change this...
  2. V

    Wanted  ECU (89661-60250)- KZJ78 Land Cruiser Prado

    Hello All, Posted this in Parts-Wanted before I noticed the specific section for JDMs and Diesels. I am looking to pick up a spare ECU. I know that they are tough to find, especially this particular part number (89661-60250), but I'd really like to have a spare as mine conked out and is...
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