1. ItsBavid

    So this is supposed to be the Koyo Rad?

    Update: well, it turns out they sent me a Lynol Radiator because they said they dont carry Koyo's anymore even though they have it listed on their site. That's some sub-par business practice right there. I'm on a roll this week. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I received my "1917 Koyo Rad" from radiators.com yesterday...
  2. C

    Koyorad vs. TYC Radiator Comparison

    I just put a new radiator in my 80. Thanks to everyone who posted info about radiator choices... I picked up pieces of info from various thread but saw some conflicting information so I thought I'd post my experience with Koyorad vs. TYC since I had both sitting side-by-side in my garage. Photos...
  3. Gabriel 71

    Riddle me this forum peeps

    How does one know if ye has a genuine Toyota radiator or aftermarket.For reference it's a 97 80 but the radiator is not a plastic tank that's in it it is a copper and brass unit.Are their some numbers I should be looking for our stampings that are special I should be looking for on said unit. I...
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