1. ItsBavid

    So this is supposed to be the Koyo Rad?

    Update: well, it turns out they sent me a Lynol Radiator because they said they dont carry Koyo's anymore even though they have it listed on their site. That's some sub-par business practice right there. I'm on a roll this week. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I received my "1917 Koyo Rad" from radiators.com yesterday...
  2. A

    Koyo A1918 radiator from radiator.com?

    EDIT: I called in and had my question answered, they confirmed it to be Koyo A1918. Was able to get the Koyo from $176 plus tax and shipping. Should be in my house in 2 hours so I will confirm with photo. Thanks

    KOYO rad 'made in china'? = lasted 18 months

    A little over a year and half ago, the original TRAD OEM radiator sprung a leak via a hairline crack on the upper right plastic tank top; 20 years of service. Ordered up a koyo C1917, 3 core copper (vendor stated made in Japan), Received a koyo A1918 made in China, 2 core Aluminum; was...
  4. wardharris

    New Kids on the Block ---- Cruiser Brothers, LLC

    1/1/16 After a great first year as Can Am, Georg and Ward decided to change the firm name to clarify our focus and simplify our message. We are now Cruiser Brothers, LLC - same guys, same business model (wholesale only) and an expanded product line. CRUISER BROTHERS, LLC :bounce::bounce2...
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