knuckle job

  1. 60wgnadvntrs

    88 fj62 Repair Manual

    I Have a beautiful, blue 62. It runs like a top, has a leak or two here and there, but overall the best running vehicle I've owned and I want to keep it that way. I have plans this summer to rebuild the knuckles, do brakes, shocks, and possibly springs. What is the best Total Car Care repair...
  2. Str8Razor

    Builds LX450 Baseline and Build

    Needing a kid hauler as my kids have outgrown my 2nd Gen 4runner, just got this gem.....waiting on it to get here probably by the 1st of the's a 97 lx 450 175k miles open diffs...needs tires, want to add ome lift air lockers bumpers sliders....thinking toyos for tires, have Terra...
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