1. jerryb

    For Sale kenwood and pioneer decks, JL and RF class D amps.

    I used these all for about a month or two each, all were installed in my 2006 LC. All were bought new 2017 and late 2016. I can include 4 gauge wire, crimped if needed, etc. Amps have no boxes. The pioneer has the box and packing material. The speaker level input is not included in the RF amp...
  2. DirtSingler

    Stereo Install Help

    After following a dozen threads on replacing the stock HU on my 1997 LC, I took the plunge this week. I dropped a Kenwood DX373 head unit and replaced the rear speakers with the infamous pioneers everyone raves about on the forum. I'm going to do the front speakers once I find my courage to rip...
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