1. popstar

    Wanted LC 450 super low miles, locked, as stock as possible, light colors

    Hello, I have recently joined this forum and have enjoyed reading about all the awesome builds and the tons of expert info available here. I have decided to take the plunge on an 80 series. I'm looking for an LX 450 in gold, silver, or white, maybe green, but no black (sorry). Looking for a...
  2. mosalf

    Limied Slip Differential - Have I got it?

    Hi Guys, Super forum for the 80, a lot to learn and nice guys to ask the touch questions that your mechanic doesn't bother to reply about....sums up IH8MUD 80 series forum for me. So here goes. I have a noise from my back diff which increases as I pass over 50mph but subsides as I pass over...
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