1. Oxblood

    Wanted  Junk FJ40 Speedometer

    Looking for a junk late 70s FJ40 speedo so I can make some brackets to hold short sweep frames without using mine. I have the bezel just need the actual speedo for mockup. I don't care how rough it is as long as all the mounting points are still attached. Could also use a junk late model fuel...
  2. Texican

    Junk parts wall art

    I'm ashamed to admit the hours I have in this........it will be given away at the Roundup in a few weeks.....
  3. toyotology

    60 series at U Pull It

    i was browsing the inventory of the Muncie U Pull It and they have an '87 landcruiser listed. Inventory was updated on 11-2. Might be of interest to some of you. Vehicle Inventory | MuncieUPull
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