junction block

  1. A

    For Sale  FJ60 and FJ40 Odds and Ends

    Hello, I have the following for sale, prices do not include shipping. 1980 FJ60 Parts Manifold Set - $200 OEM Carb - $100 Air Rail - Less than 300 miles - $200 Smog Hoses - $25 each Chrome hubcap set - $100 shift knob - $10 Shift fork and new throw out bearing - $75 New Clutch plate - $40...
  2. LXColorado

    HELP! Junction Block/Windshield Leak

    Hey everyone. My LX has been sitting at the dealership for two days now and I was informed that I have a bad seal on my windshield, letting water leak in to the junction block on the driver's side causing failures. I noticed my hazards were constantly on, and the security light was a constant...
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