1. LSUfj

    A442F lockup solenoid issue?

    I've got an issue that started about 3 months ago that I cant track down. I'll try to describe it: This is primarily noticeable in OD or 3rd when driving over 50mph. When I start to decelerate and throttle is very light, it feels like the transmission is jumping rapidly between gears. I dont...
  2. Jibreezy82


    Hi All My 93 LC80 1FZ-FE is bogging and jerking unpredictably. Sudden drop in RPM then picking again. Sometimes it doesnt go above 2500 RPM on full throttle. It picks up again and would drive normally up to 4200RPM. then it would do it gain. This started when I passed by a very small poodle...
  3. Diego A

    1991 Fj80 transmission jurking

    hello Everyone new to the forum. Need some help I just bought a 1991 fj80 with 150k engine in grate shape just had a lot done as far as maintenance.but what has not gone away is when I shift it into drive it jerks once moving it shifts nice and smooth when is top and put it in nutral and then...
  4. uwum15

    '79 FJ40 gasping for fuel

    Recently my '79 FJ40 started leaking fuel from the fuel pump so I got a new pump and spacer and replaced it myself. I drove it around town for a few days without problem then had a reliable mechanic just do some brake work and general maintenance for me. When I got it back from the mechanic...
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