jdm diesel engine

  1. M

    For Sale  nissan patrol G60 pickup

    I have a Fairly rare for theUSmarket G60 patrol pickup cab and chassis with some pretty trick motors and a bunch of new old stock parts for sale. Tones of documentation, ARB air lockers/compressor, spare body panels seats steering wheels, turbo manifolds, injectors, multiple PTO winches, and...
  2. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-T engine JDM take off 128,984 miles

    1HD-T engine with 207,581 km (128,984 miles). It comes from 02/1992 HDJ81 Engine is in good condition. Starts easy and runs smoothly. Videos of engine running will be uploaded later Comes with brand new OEM timing belt, idler and thermostat Price is $6999 USD Freight and delivery charges are...
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