1. The Lake Hero

    For Sale  Winnipeg, MB Canada - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TZ (90 Series)

    New brakes/pads all around and new Platinum plugs for fun, NGK wiring harness and ignition coils also for fun. This Land Cruiser is one of the cleanest JDM vehicles in Winnipeg. 2000 Land Cruiser Prado J95. It’s barely broken in wit its current kms. Interior is clean, mechanically sound and a...
  2. DragoPrado

    Builds  KDJ95W-GKPSY Journal

    I purchased a 2000 kdj95 with 149000kms from a japanese auction house through PacificCoastAuto and I imported it in Vancouver. It was a fun process. It was ready to pick up from the docks on Dec 25. One of the best days ever. Car started no problem. Drove it home in the thickest of Vancouver...
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