j springs

  1. BlueCruiser84

    For Sale  VA - Rear J springs

    Sold! I've got a set of rear J springs I need gone. They've got surface rust for sure but were giving tons of lift when removed. I'll never use them. $50 and they are yours. Bottom photo is them with 315s and a bunch of sh*t piled in the back.
  2. BlueCruiser84

    For Sale  VA - Rear J springs

    double post. Woopsies.
  3. UCBerzerkeley

    Wanted  OME J Springs - 850J and 863J

    I've got a set of 850 and 863 Heavies I'm moving up from. Edit: I should clarify that I will only have the heavies available AFTER I acquire/install the Js...
  4. bajaphile

    For Sale  Old Man Emu 863J Springs (Rear FZJ80)

    Sorry no pictures right now, I can get some later if you'd like. I had run these springs for 11,000 miles. I had to switch to 864's in the rear due to weight. These are the J springs and yield roughly 4" of lift. I'd like to get $100 for them. I'm assuming it will be $20-30 to ship these...
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