intermittent start

  1. J

    '83 FJ40 Survivor - Variable Engine Starting Issue - Suggestions?

    Sometimes my U.S. '83 FJ40 starts right up, and sometimes I have to re-charge the battery multiple times before it will start. It is in northern Michigan, but it doesn't matter if the temperature is 90 F in the summer or 10 F in the winter. Sometimes it starts right up. Sometimes I have to...
  2. wulffcruiser

    Intermittent Start/ Door Lock issue?

    Hey all. I have a 96 cruiser with 305xxx. The truck has been great except for a intermittent start issue that i can not figure out. When I turn the key I get a little buzz that sounds like it is coming from under the hood on the drivers side, seems to be up close to the windshield. This happens...
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