1. fj55-100

    f engine or 2f .

    I have a 64 fj40 in the shop with a cracked head , it is getting harder to find a early f head anymore , if money was no object would the sty recommend , a rebuilt 2f , and if so whom has the best quality for a complete engine , i know i need all the sheet metal and manifolds. he wants to...
  2. Whitfimb

    Rear bumper corner interchange

    Will a later (1993-97) model FJ80 bumper corner fit a 1992 model? What are the differences? I hate to give $100+ for a part that I can not use. Searching for a Drivers rear bumper corner for my 1992 Land cruiser FJ80. Seems like the 93-97 Corners are easier to find.
  3. FJ40Jim

    Parking brake cable interchange?

    I need a park brake cable for an '87-ish FJ60. Toyota, SOR and parts store shows 2 different part numbers for 81-85 and 85-90. Local NAPA can get the 81-85 cable overnight, but the 85-later number is dead. Does anybody know if there is a real difference between the 2 cable assemblies? I am not...
  4. S

    60/62 later model parts upgrade or interchange

    I’ve been combing the forum for parts I need to replace on my 60 and coming across possible oem upgrades is kind of random. So I just wanted to possibly start a thread on OEM later model year upgrade parts for the FJ60 that are either a bolt on or very minor modification to make work as...
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