intake tube

  1. Mr Cimarron

    For Sale  95-97 MAF sensors & intake tubes - TX

    I have two intake tubes and two MAF sensors. No cracks that I can see. These have been sitting in my garage for over 5 years. MAF sensors $50 each shipped CONUS. Intake tubes $35 each shipped CONUS.
  2. brianh699

    ebay intake tube

    Just thought I'd share with anyone looking. On my last oil change I went to check my air filter and the intake tube broke into two pieces. I didn't have the $ for an OE tube and couldn't find much info on aftermarket ones. I pulled the trigger on this one and I'm quite pleased with the quality...
  3. txlonghorn

    For Sale  80 series intake tube (hose)

    $20 Pulled off a 1993 Land Cruiser. Should fit 93-94. OK condition. Very minor cracks starting to form on underside of ribs in the usual spots. Still has good life left. Located in Houston, TX. You pay shipping.
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