1. sunrk

    Options to replace std flasher relay with one to suit LED lamps

    Tridon (a local Oz-based automotive aftermarket place) lists a *lot* of different LED flasher relays, and they all claim to be 'load sensitive' and have a 'failure alarm' which is something I've never come across before. Flasher Relays - Electronic | Tridon I want to replace all my external...
  2. N

    Hzj80 95 indicator issuses.

    Hey guys need your help. I have a 95 hzj80. I had a winch fitted at the start of 2017. Was the start of the power issues i dont think the winch is the problem. Wired straight to the 2nd battery. A few days after the winch was fitted my headlight dimmer switch would not work. Everything else...
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