hvac trouble

  1. seventyfour

    BJ74 Heater Control Assembly Replacement - Advice Needed!

    So I broke the internals of my temperature adjustment for the AC/heater when trying to adjust the heat - I'm guessing a combination of difficult operation and brittle old parts in the dash - and can't get the replacement fully installed. It's one of the first things I broke when I got the car...
  2. K

    Electrical issues!!

    Hey everyone I have run into something I can't solve. Here are the issues: 1st the dash lights do not work. 2nd the HVAC system does not work anymore. 3rd the tail lights do not work. 4th the doors unlock when I press the brake pedal. Checked all the fuses they are fine. And checked the brake...
  3. S

    HVAC Trouble 2002 Land Cruiser

    First, thank you in advance to anyone that can offer some help or insight to my problem. Am the original owner of a 2002 Land Cruiser with 82K miles now. AC stopped working. Gas pressure is good. AC diagnostic code is 47 but the following tests fail: COMPRESSOR LOCK SENSOR RESISTANCE reads...
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