hub studs

  1. gummycarbs

    Torque value for seating new hub studs?

    Anyone know the correct torque value to use when installing new hub studs? The cone washers and nuts are listed as 26 ft-lbs, but what about the studs themselves? I searched 'mud and turned up a lot of discussion of the nut torque value, and some other big studs (I'm omitting the name so...
  2. HDJdreams

    Recipe for rockcrawling on 37s with Elockers?

    My 97 is sitting in the garage, rear hub torn apart as I replace the rear hub bearings and seals. I plan on replacing the hub studs. I am trying to figure our whether to stick with OEM or try one of the Trail Gear kits? Right now my drivetrain is stock and on 34x10.5 BFGs. I live 3 hours...
  3. MisipLC

    Replacing Rear Hub Studs

    While getting finishing up on engine installation, decided to address broken stud on right rear hub. I've had the replacement stud for 5 years. While removing the tire, a second stud twisted off. Glad I purchase 2 - 5 years ago. Yes, you can remove them without taking the hub off the...
  4. B

    I keep breaking lokka pins help! :)

    Hey everyone I've had a lokka installed in my front diff for a few years now with no problems and I've given it a fair bit of punishment. I recently installed another lokka in the rear of my hj61 in a good diff centre. while installing it I replaced my wheel bearings on both sides and checked...
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