hp 8

  1. 4xsteve

    For Sale  OEM 4.10 gears

    I have a few used 4.10 ring and pinion sets I no longer need. I have at least two front sets from the 80 high-pinions, and I think two sets of rear Toyota V6 8", possibly three. $100 per set including shipping in the lower 48 from the Seattle, WA area.
  2. JWaldz

    Run Down On Cruiser Axle Years/Sizes

    I'm sure this has been answered an abundant amount, but either I'm not looking in the right place or it's buried somewhere. Do any of you guys know the different years and sizes for cruiser axles? I'm trying to do some research and a little bit confused on when/where the LP 9.5" and HP 8" came...
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