1. jacksna1982

    Possible TX Stroker build.

    So I’m looking at going all out with I know you have all seen this thing many times over the last 15 years but does anyone know someone who has actually done it? also if I purchase it do you know which shops Could actually do the...
  2. Roswell Cruiser

    For Sale  100 Series - K&N Cold Air Intake System (NEW) + Jet Performance Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor (NEW)

    Hey yall- I have a K&N 57-9021 FIPK Air Intake System and a Jet Performance 69144 Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor which fit a 100 Series Land Cruiser. Both of these parts are new in the box and never used or installed. The K&N box has been opened, the Air Sensor box is still closed. I thought about...
  3. R

    '73 FJ 40 Max HP axels

    Finally completing my rig. Have a 5 speed nvr4500 going in and was wondering what are the max's on horsepower/torque the axles can take. Reading up posts the nvr seems to take 500hp without problem, as long as few 4x4 launches. Currently looking at 400ci bored to 408 small black that kick...
  4. T

    A dead horse- Mileage or horsepower?

    Hi all, I apologize in advance for this, but I am looking to take the plunge soon on an LX470 so I wanted to get the forum's input. All things being equal, which would be a better purchase: 2005 LX470 with 90K or a 2006 with 140K? The price is roughly the same, both rust-free, both had timing...
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