hj 61 vx

  1. Ezeboog

    For Sale  1988 Landcruiser HJ61 RHD 12ht turbo diesel. 178,000 miles

    Make me an offer I can't refuse. More info at parkcityautosales.com HJ61 needs nothing. Ready to roll. This rare bird turns heads like nothing other in Park City, Utah. I am now a auto dealer in Park City, Utah and this rare bird has been transferred into the inventory of the new dealership...
  2. Colington

    1989 12-HT how do I replace my fuel filter?

    This post may illicit a chuckle from some because it's likely very easy but I've simply never done it (and perhaps it belongs in the diesel/24v section, but I get more replies here. I took my cruiser out today and noticed a strong diesel smell so I went home and upon further inspection I...
  3. K

    Need Headlights for 1986 HJ 61 VX

    Hello, any leads greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jesse
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