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    For Sale  Vacouver Island, BC, Canada. 1989 HJ61 RHD

    Selling my 1989 HJ61 RHD, 5speed, 12H-T Diesel engine, 326,000kms. I have owned this truck since 2004, only owner since it was imported. All maintenance records, all service done at the same shop. No accidents, overall in good condition and very reliable. Been a great truck, only for sale as we...
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    For Sale  60 Series Inclinometer / clocks for sale MANY AVAILABLE

    Shipped from OZ, all-sorts of conditions available Email let us know how many you're after Sourcemechanics@gmail.com Thanks, Adam
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    For Sale  Parting Ways With My 89' HJ61 - $17,500

    1989 HJ61 Toyota Land Cruiser. RHD Japanese Domestic Model VX Limited 4WD 12H-T Diesel Engine. Mechanically this vehicle is sound, the 12H-T fires clean every morning that it starts. Automatic transmission turns before 2200 rpm. It burns a little rich than most people may want but starts at...
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