hi lift jack

  1. J

    Better Hook for HiLift Jack

    I’ve had a Hi-Lift jack for years, and never used the hook thing on the end. But when I broke the frame on a piece of farm equipment, and was struggling to get the bent/broken parts back into line so I could start welding, I discovered the hook. Absolutely perfect! I rotated it to the hook...
  2. H

    How To: Rebuild a Hi-Lift Jack

    New the forum but I thought I would share a tech article I put together. I was busy rebuilding another Hi-Lift jack and decided to do a full write up on the process of installing the Hi-Lift Fix-It-Kit. The kits run less than $20 and takes less than an hour to install. Follow along, let's do...
  3. Redgrrr

    For Sale  Conifer high lift jack mounts

    $45 plus the ride. pics to follow.
  4. Zarek Cockar

    Where have you mounted your Hi-Lift Jack?

    So, for the many years before I actually bought an 80, I looked at other people's and formulated all sorts of ideas about how I would want mine to look and about functionality. I finally bought one (see owner's registry thread) which I chose specifically because it was already modded almost...
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