hi lift

  1. scoobiedubes

    For Sale  Phoenix, AZ: FrontRunner Outfitters (FRO) Load Bars

    Extra pieces from our FRO Slimline II rack taking up space, links to the FRO site on each item for reference. Prices do not include shipping, most of these pieces are heavy/long so local pick-up probably makes the most sense. Otherwise with shipping you probably might as well just order new...
  2. NMC_EXP

    How often Do You Use your Hi Lift Jack?

    My FJ60 has a Warn 8274 and I have a Hi Lift jack which can be mounted on the ARB bumper. No rock crawling for me, I avoid mud as much as possible and generally stick to milder trails. I tend to take more stuff than I need and the extra weight really affects the 60. I've been trying to pare...
  3. Payara Offroad

    For Sale  Hi-Lift Mounting Brackets (Huntersville, NC)

    Never used, Hi-Lift mounting brackets. Asking $30.00 plus shipping
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