heater valve

  1. Bill F

    I'm replacing the heater valve, what else to do "while I'm in there?"

    So, time has come to replace the heater valve, and thinking that it might be an opportune time to PM my pesky heater hose (probably using the Wit's End piece). What else should I be doing in there? Thinking all of the hoses, but not sure which parts to get - the diagrams I am seeing at the OEM...
  2. gummycarbs

    Adapt FJ40 Heater Valve to 80?

    Just some idle thought as I'm collecting parts to overhaul my cooling system... I know that people hate the plastic heater valve mounted to the firewall, so I wonder if anyone has tried to adapt the all-metal FJ40 heater valve? (that picture was stolen off 'mud and rotate 90 degrees) I have...
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