heater hose pipe

  1. tampacruiser95

    Heater lines cracked and leaked out all my coolant

    Luckily my truck didn't overheat before I realized. Has anyone ever bypassed the heater lines altogether? Or at least the rear heater line - and for lack of a better term, just removed and "capped" under the hood? I don't use, nor do I anticipate a time when I will use the rear heater. I want to...
  2. 71fj40cruiser

    For Sale  FJ40 Heater pipes

    Doing a little spring garage cleaning. Take all or individuals (except rear piping). Took the insulation off the rear lines to make sure they were ok. $ 10 ea. except rear and they are $40 for the pair, plus shipping. If that seems high let me know. If it is to low let me know also. :)...
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