head studs

  1. mojoloco

    Bj74 head studs

    Hi everyone Anybody out there make a head stud kit for the 13bt Can't find anything online Thanks
  2. Rice

    Rice's 1FZ-FE rebuild Thread

    Not really anything new here that you can't find in the 80's tech section. Just some documentation of the journey to get rid of the tick-tick-tick in my current motor and, once the new engine is in, my "2 Week" endeavor into adding some boost via turbo. I will edit in pictures as time allows...
  3. bryanb

    1FZ-FE Rebuild - Restoring my FZJ80 from an early demise

    I began detailing the rebuild of the 1FZ-FE in my truck build thread (listed in my signature), but it soon began to dominate the thread, so I decided to create a dedicated thread. My '97 Landcruiser died early and suddenly, with only 175k on the clock, when a misplaced bolt got into the timing...
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