hard shift

  1. Chachi254

    FZJ80 tranny stopped hard-shifting but I don't know why!

    Hi Mudders, I recently went out of town for 8-days before I left I: Disconnected the battery (was left disconnected for all 8-days) Removed top-end EGR diaphragms and submerged them in seafoam for the week, Cleaned the TB with it still assembled - (I did not remove TB -- I just removed the...
  2. B

    Intermittent Hard Shifts

    I have searched the forum and cannot find the exact issue I am having and need some help troubleshooting/diagnosing the next step. ‘99 LC 145,000. I bought it last year at 135,000 and since purchasing I have replaced all fluids and have flushed 3-4 quarts one three different occasions. The...
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