1. How To Use A Tire Deflation Tool, Tips And Tricks.

    How To Use A Tire Deflation Tool, Tips And Tricks.

    A tire deflation tool is an essential item to have in your 4x4. Here's some helpful info about why we air down our tires when offroad and tips and tricks mak...
  2. W

    Best Simple Modifications for 200 Series

    I'm looking to make my Cruiser better but stay relatively close to stock. What are some simple modifications or hacks y'all have installed or done to the inside or outside of your LC/LX Think of things any beginner wrench turner could do, and let's hear them
  3. chubbybunny

    P.O. Hacks - '70 FJ40

    Hey all, first time poster here; just picked up a '70 FJ40 a couple days ago (I was in the market for an fzj80 but this little bugger caught my eye). As I've been using Mud to research the 80's for a little over a year now, I now know lots of irrelevant info about 80's and none about the 40's...
  4. linuxgod

    Navigation hack? Can't set destination while driving

    Ok so it's been less than a week and I've already found my first annoyance with my 2013 LC. Evidently Toyota in their infinite wisdom (or more likely paranoia of lawsuits) disables the ability to enter an address in the navigation system when the vehicle is in motion. I find this incredibly...
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