1. A

    For Sale  New Zealand- 13BT engine, gearbox with transfercase and PTO unit for sale

    Hi, I have a 13BT engine which needs a rebuild as one of the piston chipped on the edge. I has the gearbox with transfer case and also has the PTO attached. The gearbox is still in good condition. Comes out of 1988 Toyota BJ74. Done 250.000km. power steering and alternator rebuild by previous...
  2. G

    New transmission

    My transmission just went out on my 1988 FJ62. It has a automatic transmission currently. I've read that a lot of people like the H55 installed on this model. What are the pros and cons of rebuilding a transmission from a parts FJ62 with another automatic or going with the H55? What are the...
  3. TeamJB

    For Sale  H55F Transmission and Transfercase.

    I have one H55F off from a 3b engine. Top cover was removed to inspect and gears are in pretty good condition (pictures attached). Intrested, pls inbox. 2850$ shipped.
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