h151 transmission

  1. B

    For Sale  1996 HDJ80 - 1HDT, A442F, H151 spare

    Photos Here: Dixie Exterior: Startup: Driving: February 16, 2020 End of Drive: February 16, 2020 I’m sorry this day has come, but I’m selling my 1996 FJZ80 converted to a HDJ80. She’s got 270k on the body, with 5-15k on most of the major components. Rust anywhere is extremely limited, even by...
  2. ArmyFJ

    For Sale  Columbus, GA: 1995 FZJ80 w/ H151 Transmission | ARB Lockers Front and Rear - $15700

    1995 FZJ80 with H151 transmission - $15700 So I am reluctantly selling my ’95 FZJ80. I purchased this rig in July 2018 and I have loved working on it with my kids and taking trips with the family but unfortunately I need to sell it. Vehicle title is clean. VIN: JT3DJ81W9S0105997. Odometer...
  3. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-T Engine and H151 Transmission in London, ON

    For sale is 1HD-T with 165483 km (102826.369 miles) It comes from 06/1992 HDJ81 Engine starts easily, runs smoothly. Videos are bellow. Standard 24V starter comes with it, however, can be upgraded to cold climate 12V starter for extra $150 USD Standard 80A alternator comes with it, however...
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