gx470 lift

  1. O Ironman

    Vendor  Wilsonville, OR: Lexus GX460 and GX470 2" Nitro Gas Kits - SALE ENDS SUNDAY

    2" Nitro Gas suspension lift kits are on sale until this Sunday, Sept. 15! $699 - GX460 2" Kit $699 - GX470 2" Kit
  2. fstbll42

    2003 Salvaged GX 470 with Salvaged TITLE

    Hello everyone, ***********************SOLD***************************** PURCHASE PRICE $5000.00 I have a 2003 GX 470 that has been totaled by the Insurance company. I am trying to see if anyone is looking for an off road-crawler as they are saying it has frame damage and that is why it was...
  3. M

    Lift Recommendations Lexus GX470

    2004 GX470 Converting the rig to an off road setup and looking at staying under 3" of lift. Seeing a bunch of brands out there (Toytech, Old Man Emu, Icon, Fox, etc). I am looking to make it a capable vehicle but looking to keep as much on-road comfort as I can. Anyone have a setup they love...
  4. R

    FJ Wheels + 285/70/r17's?

    Hi all, Been studying all your posts for the past 10 months and finally am building out my 2007 GX. Last fall I had Cruiser Outfitters in SLC put a 2.5" OME lift on the rig when the airbags busted. At the same time I put on 265/17/r17s on my stock lexus wheels. Now that I'm building out...
  5. Fj60AZ

    Rear axel 1inch to the right?

    i just put 2inch lift rear springs in the rear of my gx i had stock 4runner springs before. after i put the new springs in i noticed that the axel was an inch to the right. not sure if it was this way before or if i should be concerned. any thoughts appreciated. thanks
  6. W

    2006 GX470 OME Suspension Upgrade Help

    This is my first post on this forum as I am fairly new so I apologize for asking for help right out of the gate, however I am sure many of you have done this conversion, or something similar. Is there a good thread someone has put together on how to remove rear air suspension and replace with a...
  7. travGX470

    GX470 Aftermarket front coils w/ stock Struts?

    My air coils in the rear went out a few weeks back, I replaced them myself with an Arnott coil conversion kit. It rides great, just as good if not better than stock. But Now I'm thinking of going a little higher. My goal is to gain about 2", nothing too wild, while retaining the stock struts...
  8. Riflman

    New Updated Bilstein 6112's 4Runner/GX470

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let everyone know I just posted a Brand New pair Bilstein 6112 coilovers in the classifieds for 4Runner and GX470. I ordered these and decided to go big with ICON. $$$ I bought them from Chas at Moore Racing. My loss is your gain. For Sale: - BNIB: Updated Model...
  9. Riflman

    For Sale  BNIB: Updated Model Bilstein 6112 Front Coil-Overs 4th Gen 4Runner/GX470.

    These are the new 47-260153 Bilstein 2.5" front coil-overs for 4th Gen 4Runners and the GX470. They come with 600# springs and are 0-3" lift. They come with more cir-clip settings every 1/4" now instead of 1/2" in case you want to correct for driver's side lean on a 4runner without needing a...
  10. Fj60AZ

    Rear air bag question/spring conversion question!

    I have an 03 gx470 and the suspension just gave out. The air compressor doesn't air up the rear air bags anymore. I order 5100's already and have rear springs out of a 04 4runner, do I need metal techs rear conversion kit or can I get away with just what I have? The reason I'm asking is because...
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