guage cluster

  1. JJ Cruiser

    Wanted  FJ 40 1982 odometer 6 digit plus tenth

    Will pay well for this part. Tks. !
  2. ChaserFJ60

    Speedhut gauge criticism

    Just got these new guages by for my 1984 fj60 with a 2fe. I got the quad left and just a GPS speedo. I got them in the green color to try to match the original aesthetic but it dosent show well in the dark at all. Infact trying to see these guages with the backlight turned up all...
  3. tstepp920

    Wanted  Guage Cluster for a 1980 FJ40

    I have been informed that my gauge cluster can not be restored due to the rust on the face of the gauge cluster. Soooo..... I need a re-storeable gauge cluster for a 5/80 FJ40. Be gentle. My wallet has suffered greatly due to my affliction.
  4. Borrego

    FJ40 odometer Gear

    Hey guys, My odo wasn't working on my '71 when I bought my 40. I took it all apart and found that it was all gunked up, I could barely turn the numbers by hand. I took it apart and cleaned it extremely well and everything spun much easier, however, I found that the little worm gear was pretty...
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