gozzard composites

  1. SaskFJ40

    New to site, just bought 71'/78' FJ40

    Hello everyone, and thank you. I have been lurking a while but not owning a land cruiser I felt weird about joining. The good news is, I now own one. This site has been very helpful in my search and will be invaluable to my build. The background story to this point is a little..... backwards...
  2. BJrusty

    Anybody here install the Gozzard flares?

    I'm doing major rust repair on my BJ and these seem perfect for covering up what I took off. Has anyone here installed Gozzard Composites flares on their 60 series? Did you glue them or rivet/screw them on? Oh and are you happy with the quality? $525 +shipping from Canada is a lot of money for...
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