1. PinkLemon

    HJ47 Glow Problems

    I posted this in the 40 series tech section, but someone suggested I post it here as well... I know there are a lot of threads about glow plug issues, I've read a few of them today and they've been very helpful. Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone has ideas about something I can...
  2. T

    Strange hzj75 dash light issues.

    Hi all. after replacing my tired alternator on my hzj75 i no longer get my dash lights ( oil pressure , alternator and timing belt) compleating there self check when you first turn the key on. this is strange because the gauge still work and the alternator still charges. i also dont get the pre...
  3. code 621

    3B Glow Plug / Cold Start Mystery

    Greetings fellow diesel enthusiast, I am posed with a cold start issue that I have been working my way through. I am in the final stages of a '84 BJ60 / '84 FJ60 3B swap-n-refresh. The Injectors were rebuilt at GCL in Edmonton. The glow plugs are new (NGK 7493-Y-147T). There is voltage to...
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