gen iii

  1. workingdog

    questions about Gen III sensors

    I'm hoping someone can identify these for me. I think I know some, but I'm not 100% sure. What's #1? Is it the Intake Air Temperature? What's the bulb? Ambient temperature? What's #2 blocking off? I'm assuming #3 is Idle Air Control IAC and that #4 is TPS sensor telling the computer where...
  2. JohnCapoccia

    Need Vortec Evap advice - SoCal

    I'm looking for advice on my Evap system charcoal canister. First some background: This is for a Gen III vortec in an FJ62, and it has to pass Cali smog. I committed to using my FJ62 in-tank pump. In restrospect it may have been better to modify the tank to accept the GM unit. My harness...
  3. JohnCapoccia

    SoCal GenIII Vortec Project

    My project is officially kicked-off! The engine and tranny was delivered yesterday. Here it is: It's a Gen III 4.8L from a 2004 Tahoe with 85,000 miles. I'd like to get it done before summer. I haded to jump in because of the time commitment, but I decided to take the plunge because I'm...
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