fzj80 80 series

  1. Necota

    What’s up Olde North State?!?

    We're Sonya and Necota of Staples InTents, two adventurers looking to explore the world and meet other explorers along the way. FrankDaTank is our Rig (97 FZJ 80). We would like to share with you our experiences, adventures, and life in tents. Join us on this journey of Staples InTents as we...
  2. ARJMN

    ISO FZJ80 Horn Assembly

    Anybody have an FZJ80 Horn Assembly? PO replaced mine with a cheap Autozone meep meep horn. Jason
  3. U

    Wanted FZJ80 or LX450 Daily Driver. Mid-Atlantic or Texas/Oklahoma

    Looking to spend $7-8000. Could go higher for a good deal. Primarily road use, nothing fancy. Lockers welcome but not necessary. 3rd-row seats desired. Minimal Rust. Ready to drive/minimal maintenance. The more life left in it, the better. Don't know how long I would hang on to it.
  4. ridgeback rig

    Blend door stuck

    The blend door on my 93 is apparently stuck open. There is no heat when you turn the heater on and there is cold air that comes in thru the vents during any drive in cold weather. No water on floor, no overheating. Heater valve has been replaced, just in case and appears to be functioning. Took...
  5. Paulyfish

    For Sale NJ 1996 FZJ80, Unlocked,Unmolested

    My loss, your gain. Hate to loose her, but need to sell ASAP. This rig has never been off-road. I am 2nd owner. She's not perfect, but safe and solid. Electric sunroof and tilt with no leaks. NJ Inspected and on road now. All work by experienced Toyota Land Cruiser mechanic. Emerald Green with...
  6. 9

    For Sale 1996 FZJ80 Project

    I've been a long time lurker on mud, it was here I was persuaded to buy a cruiser and here where I got all my info to get this far into my project. Unfortunately, my schedule and my wallet have finally failed me and I'm having to let my 80 go. It's got a *slightly* misplaced engine (storing it...
  7. M

    For Sale WI: '96 FZJ80 Stock DD with Lockers, 132K mi, $7500

    Selling my stock 1996 FZJ80 Land Cruiser, VIN # JT3HJ85J4T0115922. Asking $7500, which is probably a bit under-valued, but I’m looking for a quick, local sale since I bought a new vehicle. I’d love to keep it, but I have nowhere to store it. I bought it in 2005 with about 85K miles on it...
  8. R

    '94 FZJ80

    '94 model with 218k miles. No lockers Fresh axle rebuild, OME 3 1/2" springs Pro Comp ES9000 shocks and OME Steering stabilizer. Tires still have more than 3/4 of tread life. Mechanically sound. $8,500
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