fzj80 80 series

  1. MSP1989

    For Sale FZJ80 Brake Booster

    Description: Brake Booster P/N: 44610-60822 Condition: New & OEM Fitment: 05.1995 - 09.2001 https://japancars.ru/TOYOTA/4461060822 (Press on applicability to show fitment) Price: $199.99 Shipping: Express EMS $56 Payment: PayPal
  2. DirtyPepper

    1997 Fuse Question / Insight

    Last time I was at the shop, they pointed out the BIG fuse in the center of the pic and indicated, “Yeah, we don’t know what that is or why it’s there,” So…can someone tell me what this big (BUSS) fuse is? Or what it’s for? Also, does it matter if fuses are inserted upside down? Thanks in...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal: Good cylinder head for 1FZE

    The head is from a 1996 and interchanges with 93 to 97 but please check with your installer to be sure. The head will be cleaned and tested for warpage, cracks and other damage. Only sold as a complete head with camshafts etc. You will need to provide your own head gasket, valve seals and new...
  4. JCGPS

    For Sale Phoenix Triple Locked 94 - Needs Engine Soon

    203,527 - $7000 OBO I bought this FZJ80 in 2020 with a knock. My original mechanic said it was due to a possible wrist pin issue, stating it may have been rebuilt and the wrist pin wasn't properly heated/expanded. He said it would be fine...so I drove it back and forth between AZ and CA for 2...
  5. DirtyPepper

    1997 FzJ80 Battery Question 24F vs 27F - Is there a difference?

    I've read through a lot of posts about batteries...when I purchased my battery four years ago, Costco told me that I needed the "24F" battery (Interstate). I picked it up but it's never seemed to get the job done. There are no parasitic drains on the system but if left sitting for 3-5 days, the...
  6. C

    JDM/AUS FZJ80 rear AC magnetic switch

    I have recently acquired a 1996 FZJ80 with just over 40k miles. It came factory with a rear AC unit but it doesnt engage the conpressor or recieve and cold freon. Im 99% sure i have nailed it down to the rear magnetic switch, but cant find a part number that is usable. I have found the part...
  7. R

    Wanted Want to buy for LX450/FZJ80: ARB deluxe bumper, low profile roofrack, and maybe a rear bumper with swing out tire carrier

    Unfortunately I lack the welding skills for anything that doesn't bolt on, which is a big part of why I'm sweet on the ARB front bumper. I have a 10+ year old Yakima roof rack that is ready for an upgrade. I'd like something a bit lower profile so I can park the 80 in the garage without...
  8. SmokingRocks

    SOLD CO: FZJ80 Manual A/C Heater Control Unit

    I was vacuuming out my client's car with my brush head and the vac sucked off the Low-speed button for the fan control, no biggie right? Well I found out that it had a rough ride through the vac tube and into the vac bin as broken in half..... smh So looking for a low-cost option to fix my...
  9. Rollinn

    For Sale SoCal - Mint 3rd row seats for FZJ80 out of LX450.

    Have a set of mint condition, never sat in seats. Have been stored inside my closet covered and regularly have been treated with leather conditioner to keep leather soft and supple. Nicest mint condition 80 series 3rd row you will find. Includes seat belts etc. Local pick up in Orange County
  10. Baymax80Series

    SOLD 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Selling my project TRIPLE locked FZJ80 on 4” in Ironman lift kit. Runs good and is driveable. The Transmission shifts smooth. I had aspirations to make this my rock crawling rig but my family comes first and I have to sell this rig. With that said it needs- Driveshafts or you can swap...
  11. MSP1989

    For Sale FZJ80 AC Compressor Cooler

    Description: AC Compressor Cooler , Size: 17 P/N: 88320-60450 Condition: New & OEM Fitment: Model Name Model Models (Description) Period of issiue Area LAND CRUISER FZJ80L-GNPEKW FZJ80..VX 08.1992 - 05.1993 EU See scheme LAND CRUISER FZJ80L-GCPNKW FZJ80..GX 08.1992 -...
  12. T

    Wanted FZJ80 Roof Rack - Los Angeles Area - CLOSED

    I'm looking for a roof rack for my '94 80 Series Cruiser. Open to anything really - just need the up top storage. Prinsu, Front Runner, etc. Let me know what you've got!
  13. eikelben

    help identifying this misc. bracket

    When I purchased my cruiser the PO gave me a box of misc. parts, including this bracket. Hoping someone can help me identify it so I can reinstall if necessary.
  14. joey.w

    Lifting my 94FZJ advice and why-

    Hi all. I’ve read every article and thread on here related to suspension lifts but let’s face it, it’s a lot like reading instructions for dealing with labor and giving birth -they all target the same thing. Success and safety which obviously is very important and top priority. I’m doing a lot...
  15. FZJ8xero

    For Sale Orange County CA 80 Series 1FZ-FE Air Cleaner Filter Box (Part Number 6601)

    Hi folks, Up for sale is 1FZ-FE AIR CLEANER FILTER BOX ASSEMBLY OEM - $100 (or best offer) Part number of assembly as shown in the photo is 6601. Local pickup preferred. But willing to ship. Estimated shipping is +$70 ground. Thanks for looking!
  16. Rollinn

    Wanted SoCal, LX450 Grille needed

    Hey guys. Wrapping up my LX450 build and in search of a LX450 center grille only. Do not need the bezels under the lights. Mine is fine, just came installed with clearance lights. Which some may like, I prefer a clean OE look. If anyone has a spare lying around, please dm me. Thanks in...
  17. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale SoCal - 80 series Doors, Glass, Tail Gates, Tail Hatches, cowls, etc.

    Sorry, no hoods, windshields, fenders or valance(below grill panel). All parts are rust free, LOCAL PICKUP ONLY FOR SHEET METAL PARTS. Shipping available on glass and cowls. FJ80 Collector SILVER Star
  18. y2offroad

    1995 fzj80 (will start and sometimes not start

    Hey guys got an issue with my cruiser sometimes firing right up and sometimes I’ll turn the key and nothing happens . Am I looking at a faulty efi relay or fuse . Possibly neutral safety switch issue? Thanks in advance .
  19. Farmer Thomas

    Thomas FJ48 Build

    Started My FJ48 Build about 6 Months ago and wanted to start a thread for inspiration and advice. This is my first time posting to IH8MUD but have been enjoying posts off this website for years! Basically I had a Rusted out FJ40 on the farm and found a 80 series at the neighbours that did not...
  20. mcguirejohnson

    SOLD Fort Collins, CO : '96 FZJ80 280k miles

    1996 FZJ80 LandCruiser 280,000 miles $10,500 OBO/ No trades No LOCKERS Clean Title Fort Collins, CO Looking to sell my 96 landbruiser to fund fixing up my 60 series... She’s no show queen but a well maintained/ recently baselined rig with 280,000 miles. No rust on the body or frame. Interior is...
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