fzj75 1998

  1. Ohanlon

    VIP RS3000--where's the ECU?

    Dear Friends at IH8, anyone know where the heck they put the ECU on the port/dealer installed VIP RS3000 security system in a 1998 FZJ75??? Mine is NOT under the driver's seat, it is NOT visible when the stereo head unit is out, it is NOT visible through the ashtray, and I did not see any sign...
  2. FZJ75 1998 original front passenger seat

    FZJ75 1998 original front passenger seat

    Comes also with driver's seat, in equally excellent condition
  3. Ohanlon

    For Sale 1998 FZJ75 Toyota (troopy) Rear gas tank and split bench/bucket front seats

    Seats sold... still have gasoline tank
  4. Ohanlon

    Wanted Remote for 1998 Toyota VIP alarm/keyless entry.

    I finally installed aftermarket alarm... working well now. This truck had an alarm with no beeper or remote... kind of a pain. Sincerely, Mike
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