fzj 80 build thread

  1. T

    For Sale 1fz-fe engine

    i have a used 1fz-fe engine with good compression but a blown head gasket for sale. I have video of compression test. Motor ran well with plenty of power. I took it out of 96’ fzj80 last week. $375
  2. B

    Need Flares For my 80 series.

    My 1993 80 has some busted up flares. need new ones. Can I get some help on where to get good flares either after market or OEM? thanks
  3. Mad4Rnr

    Builds First Land Cruiser - Locked 1994 FZJ80

    This is my first thread on Mud and my first Land Cruiser build, a 1994 triple locked FZJ80. Even though I'm new here I'm not new to Toyota crawlers or 4WD's, this is actually my sixth 4WD 'yota. My current DD is a stock '17 Tundra Crew max in SR5 trim, it's a great truck. My previous DD was a...
  4. OffRoadScott

    Builds Never ending build thread...

    Well if you have been following my other thread "Need some advice". I pulled the trigger and bought the 2nd LC that I looked at on Wednesday. I am really happy with the choice I made. It does have some issues that do need attention, leaking PS, leaking valve cover gasket, loose belts, rear...
  5. bulldog8934

    Builds Chicago 80 Series Fix & Re-build

    Hi everyone! So I was inspired to create a thread that documented the blood, sweat, and tears that has gone (and will continue to go) into my 1995 FZJ80. There has been a lot already and hopefully, this will turn into tears of joy in the future! The backstory: Needed a truck that could haul...
  6. 06Yoda

    Builds Tanner's 96' FZJ80 Build

    I bought my first Landcruiser in April 2016 after years of deliberation and conflict about selling my beloved 2006 Toyota Tacoma. I absolutely loved that truck but something always kept bugging me internally about getting rid of it and was never fully satisfied. I finally convinced myself to...
  7. AUGuy

    Builds AUGuy's FZJ80

    Updates 3d Printed Backup Camera Mount [12/12/2016] Going in too Deep / Is rust ever not a big deal? PFran LED Kit and Speakers [9/11/2016] --- To-Do (Updated 9/11/2016) Identify cause of radio interference following RPMs Find the damn squeak on the drivers side middle Find a new speaker cover...
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