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  1. Kylackey

    93 FZF80 Code 26. Stumble at Idle and No Power

    Alright I've been troubleshooting everything I can think of and am still stumped... Details on my issue and background: I've recently had the engine rebuilt and during this process I've replaced just about everything that goes on, or around a 1FZ. I wasn't aware that the injector connectors...
  2. ICY80

    Wanted 80 Series rear hatch keyhole cover/emblem

    Looking for a rear hatch emblem that covers the keyhole near the rear glass. Like this image below. Do you have to replace the whole assembly? I believe I only need the sliding Toyota part. Thanks
  3. A

    Looking to purchase first FZJ80

    Howdy! I'm looking to purchase my first FZJ80 but am admittedly a noob and don't really know my way around an engine. After months of searching and divining into forums, manuals and videos I think I've found one. However there's nothing like experience to tell you what to look out for. Can...
  4. S

    For Sale Bakersfield California 1993 fzj80

    I have a 1993 fzj80 for sale runs great. I recently had a complete valve job, head gasket, timing set, water pump new injectors and complete tune up. New tires new ome suspension. Original toyota winch and winch bumper with controller off of a Japanese import. I also had the tire carrier...
  5. Bigjayva

    Wanted FJ80 white passenger side mirror

    Hurricane Ian did some damage to my Fj80 among the damage was a broken and shattered passenger side mirror. Hoping someone on here may have one for sale.
  6. Heckraiser

    SOLD Colorado - 1996 LX450 - 199k Miles

    1996 Lexus LX 450. 199k miles. Does not have the differential lockers (center diff/TC lock only). Asking $11,800. Local only, or you can arrange for shipping. Selling to fund rebuild/V8 swap in the clunker. The good: • Straight. Not a speck of rust anywhere on the body and very little...
  7. Chefajc3

    SOLD NJ FJ80 Antenna Mount

    For Sale: Rago Fabrication Antenna Mount for 80 series land cruiser model #R9097LCCBAM-P New never used asking $35 plus shipping obo Located in New Jersey 08234 Message me with any questions Thank you
  8. eracruisers

    WDYD 80 series: Replaced Gearbox and Power Steering Pump but still having issues

    Hey Peeps, Hoping to get some feedback from some of you gurus on IH8mud. I have a 1994 FZJ80 and have been having issues with steering play at certain speeds as well as steering stiffness when idle or driving at slow speeds. In a way to tackle this, considering that my 80 has over 240k...
  9. eracruisers

    For Sale Palm Desert, CA: 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser (California Owned) - Offroad Modified

    FOR SALE - 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser: - 241,8XX odometer reading - Clean CA title and CA registration - Recently Passed CA smog inspection - CA owned it’s entire life (ZERO RUST) - Center locking differential/Stock gearing - Most desired 80 series models (1995-1997) - OBD2 (Upgraded Diagnostics...
  10. E

    For Sale 1994 triple locked fzj80 Tacoma, Wa 18k obo

    Sadly putting up our 1994 triple locked land cruiser with 265k miles up for sale we have taken this on so many trips and has served us really well but with the price of gas it doesn't make sense for us to keep this rig anymore. looking to possible get a diesel rig after this but possibly leaving...
  11. C

    For Sale 1997 LX450

  12. Montana1

    SOLD Montana 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 3X Locked

    For Sale: 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 4x4. 1FZ-FE 4.5L 6 cylinder gas, Factory Triple Lockers, Center locking diff with switch added, 271K miles, OME 2.5" lift, 35x12.50R16, Cobra CB, AM/FM/CD player, Dual Optima Red tops (brand new) with isolator. Clean title, Carfax, have maintenance...
  13. Goose86

    For Sale Southern California 1993 FZJ80 Landcruiser

    FZJ80 FOR SALE 1993 fzj80 land cruiser. Runs great and hasn't had any issues. Definitely a fixer-upper and project, the interior is all there, albeit it needs some TLC Solid running vehicle, the previous owner had the head gasket replaced and the front axle rebuiltTires are 90% tread left...
  14. 96eighty

    Wanted Washington State: 80 Series/LX - Headlights/Wire Harness/LX Cladding

    I'm looking for the wiring harness that connects to the wire out the passenger side cowl (the one on the very left looking at the engine bay, that connects to the antenna). This wire connects to all the headlights on the core support and goes into the fusebox and connects to the fusible link...
  15. agustinurioste

    SOLD WV (Northern), PA (Western), OH (Southeast)

    Hey All! Looking for an ugly looking (faded paint, crappy interior, whatever) but structurally and mechanically sound 80 if anyone is considering moving on from theirs! Want to buy: 1993-1994 LC Mileage: Anything at or Under 300,000 Structurally rust free, but surface/little body rust is fine...
  16. H

    I need help finding someone with a later model 80 series and a 3d printer to help make a mod

    Im new to the 80 series but i have a 97 4runner that i came up with an idea for a sg2 mount, basically im looking for someone that has an 80 series like mine with the correct tools to help make a similar mount, the 4runner mount replaced the crappy cupholder in the dash whereas the mount im...
  17. MudSlider80

    Fzj80 A/T shift linkage removal

    Hello folks, I snapped off the nut that secures the trans shift linkage 💀 is this something that can be replaced with out opening up the trans, or any idea how to fix this?
  18. MudSlider80

    Fzj80 1FZ-FE rear freeze plug diameter?

    Hey all, I'm looking replace the rear freeze/ expansion plug in the bell housing because there is a leak coming out of the bottom where the bell housing drain hole is. Does anybody know the diameter of this one? or where I can get a set of all the plugs? I searched online and can only find...
  19. cruisin97

    Lots of smoke on first start of new/rebuilt engine

    Hey all. I just finished building up a 1FZ-FE starting with a new short block, and a rebuilt head. I filled it with fluids last night and checked this morning. No signs of leaks or anything. This morning I pulled the coil wire, let it crank a few times to build oil pressure, and then plugged in...
  20. R

    Mystery oil retainer? Seal? Doohickey? Front axle help

    G’day Broke my R&P a couple weeks ago, pulled my axle shafts and I’m currently rebuilding my front diff but when I pulled my drivers side shaft I found this metal “oil retainer” (I’m calling it that now, but I don’t know what it actually is) lopsided inside the axle housing behind (closer to...
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