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  1. I

    FSM Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - 1995 Supplement (pdf) 1995 Supplement

    Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission - 1995 Supplement (pdf) FZJ80 HZJ80 80 series
  2. effjayzee8tee

    Cloudy Coolant

    Recently got in a minor front end collision in my '93 FZJ80 with 240k miles, and even though there was no apparent damage to rad/ATF cooler, I noticed the coolant in my overflow reservoir looks a bit brown and cloudy. Any idea what it could be? Relevant information: -After the accident I did...
  3. Nikofzj80

    ARB RD1045 drawers on FZJ80

    hi guys. Just installed the ARB drawers in my 80. Pretty straight forward. I didn't drill the holes on the anchor points, as suggested by ARB. I used the original hole instead. I believe the instructions say that that hole needs to be bigger in diameter in order to take the provided bolts...
  4. GhettoTank

    SOLD  1995 JDM FZJ80 for sale Dayton Ohio

    22Xk km, not triple locked. Runs like a top. Has rare rear AC and altimeter/compass. Sunroof and power folding mirrors equipped. Service has been done with all oem or OEM REMAN parts. Brand new 35’ General Grabbers with less than 3k miles on them. Tons of service done in the last year...
  5. C

    Steering tight when car is first started for first turn

    Hey all, As said in the title, on my fzj80, when i first start my LC the first 360 degree rotation of the steering wheel is really stiff, requires quite a bit of actual force to turn. After my first 2 full turns have been accomplished, the car drives fine and has 0 stiff steering issues. Is...
  6. Clunka Junk

    SOLD  Sandy, Utah 1997 LX450

    1997 Lexus LX450 (non locked). 207,700 miles total. Approximately 10-12k since engine rebuild due to spun rod bearing. Rebuilt in March of 2018 i believe? And has warranty until March of this year. I've had it since January 2020. Since I bought it, I have had the knuckles rebuilt, serviced...
  7. P

    Wanted  [CA] 80 Series 40th Anniversary Floormats

    Looking for 40th Anniversary floormats. Located in SoCal. Thanks!
  8. C

    HJ61 Instead Of FZJ80?? Help!

    Hello members, I currently own a 80 series - triple locked, 140 miles, full option, bone stock, mall crawler- in good condition(Few small rust areas around the body and undercarriage). I bought this rig not too long ago for less than 10k CAD. I have driven it around for a little while and have...
  9. C123MS

    SOLD  97 Land Cruiser Tan Sun Visor (Tan)

    Looking for good condition, illuminated, tan sun visors for a 97 Land Cruiser. Thanks,
  10. M

    Wanted  LX450

    I am looking for 1997 Lexus LX450 preferably in green or black but others as well, for restoration project. Stock vehicles preferred, no body damage, it must run and drive to get on trailer/container. up to 250k miles location: doesn’t matter. US/Canada or the rest of the world. I am from...
  11. loualbano

    Wanted  Colorado FZJ80 Black Fenders and Hood

    Title says it all. Any information about someone who has these parts would be helpful.
  12. B

    SOLD  1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 New Mexico

    This is a 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 with the 1FZE straight 6. I received this about a year ago in a trade for a tiny house. I fixed 3 of the electric motors for the windows, put in new a/c this summer, new tires and brakes as well. This was built for overlanding and camping. It has been...
  13. Nikofzj80

    Factory Tint

    Hi fellow Muders! I searched a lot, but I don't seem to have found the answers to my dilema. I hate factory tint. Would love to remove it. From what I read, the tint on the back window (trunk) can be removed using certain products. I just ordered a set of fixed back windows ( third row seats, no...
  14. D

    For Sale  1997 Land Cruiser For Sale (FZJ80) Great Shape $10,500

    This is my third 80 series and it starts immediately, hot or cold, just like the rest of them. Runs like a top and was going to be my final build but other plans got in the way. It's yours for the right price. It will get picked up fast because it is super clean and mechanically sound. Dark...
  15. BuddhaCruiser

    For Sale  Fzj 80 front speaker grills - brown

    Need to match your speaker grills? Clean and intact grills for front door of 80 series. Toyota brown color. $10 + shipping.
  16. BuddhaCruiser

    For Sale  1997 OEM cassette and CD radio

    Upgraded my rig, but have a working and nice condition OEM radio with CD and cassette. Thinking someone out there might want to replace theirs for a classic look or just to have a new setup. Works great. $25 + shipping.
  17. jvan5000

    SOLD  94 - Super clean 80 Series - Austin, Tx

    This 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 turns heads and gets thumbs up every time it gets driven. Seller has performed numerous mechanical and cosmetic upgrades including new ARB front and rear bumpers, and the truck was resprayed 4 years ago using Toyota’s “Quicksand” tan color code. Each of the...
  18. Jason031


    FZJ 80 family - needing help with some overheating issues. On my 1995 FZJ80, I have been having some overheating issues mainly in the summer (above 80 degrees) taking on hills or pulling a heavy trailer on hills even in winter. I had the top end fully done +/- 30,000 miles ago, new radiator...
  19. StaticTorque

    Reccomended PPI in Atlanta/Buford Area?

    Considering buying a 80 and trying to find some reputable places in these areas. Please let me know of any places, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  20. G

    For Sale  from SoCal to Vermont, 1996 FZJ80 Engine rebuild or replace

    1996 Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser 285,000 miles Factory locking differentials (front,center,and rear) The Only Car In The World Is The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 $2100.00 -Burgundy -Clean title -Never been off roading -Last family used it to drive around their three young kids but most of the...
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