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  1. Fj80oregon

    Seat covers 2020

    So what are guys running these days for seat covers that they like? I know there is past posts on this but they are all old. Please post up pictures and pros and cons of new style seat covers. :beer:
  2. D

    Fixing headlight adjustments fzj80 & fj80

    Hi guys, I have two videos on how to fix headlight adjustments on a fzj80 & fj80. Total cost is less than $15 with basic tools. I hope this helps you save your oem headlights and save money. There is a playlist in the channel for the fzj80 and more videos to come. A subscribe or a thumbs...
  3. ActionEighty

    Cargo barrier

    Got bored last weekend and decided to yee yee a cargo barrier. I was able to score the industrial shelving grating free of cost. I probably have just under $150 into all other materials, though I hilariously overpaid. I’m pretty impressed with turnout considering how limited the resources were...
  4. B

    Trailer Brake controller

    Has anyone tried this brake controller on a FZJ80? Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Electronic Brake Control Link
  5. 9

    94’ Poor Cold Start

    I have a 94’ fzj80 and have been plagued with this issue for a while. When i start the truck i have an initial good start around 1800~ rpm, immediately after that (within about a minute) my rpm falls to around 400 and lopes between 200-400 rpm. This started soon after I got a new afm. Ohm...
  6. exakt0h

    4 Gallons came out, Only 3 Gallons went in (Coolant)

    Hello Everyone, I drained the block and radiator on my FZJ80 and had a total of 4 gallons of used coolant. Replaced the thermostat/gasket, and all 3 rad hoses. I used 2 gallons of Toyota Red and 2 gallons of Distilled Water for a total of 4 gallons. I filled the upper radiator hose first...
  7. B

    Door weatherstrip install question

    I just replaced all the belt moldings on my '96 fzj80. I'm now looking at replacing the weatherstripping (seals) around all 4 doors. I noticed that the strips run behind one of the arms on the door and in front of the hinge. Assuming I have to take all the doors off, is this going to be a pain...
  8. Danibal

    SOLD  So Cal - Aussie Locker XD-21230- Like new

    $220 plus shipping . XD-21230 Fitment: 1968 - 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser Front Locker 1968 - 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser Rear Locker 1996 - 1997 Lexus LX450 Rear Locker I installed this and ran it in my 80 for just one week. Nothing wrong with it, but decided I would go another way. Comes with...
  9. Ruzickajr

    For Sale  Hayes, Va 1993 Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser

    We're selling our 1993 FZJ80. We bought it back in 2016, stock and in neglected condition. My family and I spent the next year building it out to an Overlander and have had many great trips in her. We recently purchased a Power Wagon and now the Cruiser is just sitting. I hate seeing her just...
  10. DannyBFresco

    Builds  DannyBCruzin in an FZJ80

    Hey Mud! I'm Danny, and I picked up a FZJ80 Cruiser for my off road fleet. I currently drive a 2006 Tacoma (click for build) that's been built into a zoom-zoom desert bomber. Living in NorCal, I also needed something that was at home on the rocky, mountain trails in the Sierras. I've always...
  11. Dustin Messina

    For Sale  Fj80 Front Brush Guard

    This was on an 80 I picked up. See pics for dent. Not mounting hardware. $100 prefer local pickup. Located in Brandon, MS
  12. Grantskys17


  13. TexasOregon80

    New Member intro

    Hey Guys, I’m from Austin,TX but go to school In Oregon. I’ve have a 1994 FZJ80 that's been with me since I was 15 and today I finally join as a member. Im looking forward to all the things I will learn from this community and if possible to share and help in anyway way that I can. (Go Horns🤘Go...
  14. AlanCruiser


  15. kdubbya

    97 FZJ80 Tachometer only working above 3000RPM

    Hey all, new to the forum but i've been reading quite a few threads about tachometer issues and couldn't find any that specifically addressed my issue. No codes per a diagnostic and normal rpm scheduling confirmed by a buddy with an OBDII bluetooth setup. The issue is that the RPM doesn't...
  16. inneedofan80

    Wanted  94-97 White, Triple-Locked in CA

    As the post says, looking for a White FZJ80 in California. Must be triple locked and years 1995-1997 (with airbag) . Been looking everywhere, help me end the search. Shoot me a text, call me or message me. Please let me know. -John 949-922-4o81
  17. Dan Nielson

    Another Head Gasket

    De-lurking after many years of reading. I picked up a NTM ‘95 FZJ80 last week and was driving fine, put around 250 miles on it. Jumped in yesterday morning for the run to Home Despot, and it starts missing, smokin’ running like hell. This morning I cranked it up and found steam, possibly water...
  18. Land Cruiser Yosemite Valley.png

    Land Cruiser Yosemite Valley.png

    A quick day trip to Yosemite Valley, the falls where really flowing this year.
  19. krs2fur

    For Sale  SOLD - E-Locked rear axle - Sacramento, CA

    E-Locked Toyota FJ80 / FZJ80 / 80 Series Landcruiser rear axle 9¼" diff (chunk/drop out also compatible with FJ60/FJ40 axles) Full Floater (I was told from a 1993) Complete MINUS all brake hydraulics (no calipers, hoses, hard brake lines) - I got it this way. If you've got a 93-97...
  20. M

    Trade  1996 lx450 triple locked. Lifted!

    Trades or 8k cash. Vehicle sits more than it’s driven. We don’t live near enough places to enjoy this vehicle. 182k miles. Triple locked. All the normal landcruiser maintenance stuff has been done and it just got new brakes and a brand new dobinsons flexi 3” lift. $1500 lift. No cheap stuff all...
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