1FZFE/ FZJ80R Rev bouncing

    Hey all, I’ve got a problem with my cruiser, the revs bounce up and down till she stalls out, I just fitted a new MAF sensor and she runs a bit better but still rev searches, do you reckon maybe the IAC?
  2. B

    For Sale  Stock FZFE wheels 2 sets

    one off a 93 tires are shot one set off a 94 with 3/4 tread Goodyear Duratracs if interested let me know I will have to get some photos when weather is better 350.00 for 93 500.00 for 94 plus shipping
  3. Bogger

    Petrol 80 water crossing precautions

    What are people doing before hitting a deep water crossing in there petrol 80 series to make sure it's all still ticking over at the end? I've herd of just wd40 over anything electrical and putting a rubber kitchen glove over the dizzy with a cable tie while doing the crossing. Is that...
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