1. H

    Problem with RPM

    Hi friends Please help me.. I don’t know why the RPM can’t be stable Am waiting for your reply Thank you all
  2. burbuja96

    Part time conversion/ Manual Hubs

    Hello mudders I found a set of hubs with PN 43530-60042 (1) 43530-69055 (1) Is the 2nd one the correct pn for the80s? ( Still modifying the birf) Thanks in advance
  3. Bluegrass40

    Brake Bleeding Problems!! Wisdome appreciated

    In advance, I apologize for lack of pictures.. My gloves were covered in brake fluid and I didn't to be handling my phone. I'm working on a rear disc conversion. As part of the conversion, I switched to an FZ80 master and booster. Here is the master I have.... I stated by bench bleeding...
  4. L

    Parting Out 1993 fz80 Green

    Odo. Says 175 xxx miles. I suspect the head gasket is toast. Ran when I got it but blowing blue. The coolant was filthy. The interior isn't amazing, it was used for a small contracting business. Body is decent. Overall a bit beat up but plenty of good parts on it still. Located on Vancouver...
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